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Post prompts here!

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Have fun!


New Mod

Just to let you all know, I've made cysfics one of the new mods of the community for personal reasons. If any of you have an issue with threats or any other problems,then along with me and dodger, you're free to talk to him.



So the threats have started to come in. One rape, one slur and one threatening people who go to magfest. (The first two have been deleted and the third has been screened, I don't know, seemed like a good idea). And to show how completely useless this all is, all I can do is turn the IP address on and it'll show up for future comments. I've tumblr messaged dodger to see if she can do anything better, but for the time being, bear it and tell me if you're being targeted specifically. Sorry again that I can't do more.


A friendly reminder...

"Seconding" a prompt is not permitted.  It clogs up inboxes, is a false alarm for anyone tracking their prompt, and is, in general, unnecessary.  If you have to urge the filling of a prompt, do so in the chatter post, not in the prompt post.

I know I've posted about this before, but recently I've seen enough of it pop up in my inbox where I feel the need to remind the community once again of the following:

Any comments that are "seconding" a prompt will be deleted.


Delicious to Pinboard?

Some of you might have seen Delicious's new... style, to put it nicely, with shitty tags, no pages and a whole side taken up by preview. They're not going to get better, as evidenced by the feedback section, so I (well, keevacaereni ) propose we move to Pinboard. Lookit, they even have a "why you should move from Delicious" page. If people approve, I'll create two accounts and cover the costs. Everyone okay with that?

And on another note, the prompts account hasn't been updated since November. Does anyone know what happened or want the job?


New Layout!

In a (possibly temporary) attempt to get around the new comment box, I have enabled custom comment pages. It's fairly similar to the old layout, but the narrow column made it less than ideal for fill posts. With custom comment pages, the old-style comment box should still be in place, with the subject line and preview options, though as best as I can tell it just puts the subject line at the top of the post. It's a work in progress, and suggestions are welcome. (My best guess right now is to post possible triggers within the prompt post itself, but hell if I know how that would work.)

On a mildly related note, I am being informed there are screened comments, but am not being given an option to view them. I check comments containing links for unscreening (which is why I'm baffled as to how I didn't see it before, unless LJ is just being an ass). If you have a post containing a link that has not gone through, try it once again and it should go through since the relevant option has been changed.

Thanks for bearing with us.

EDIT JAN. 22: Changed it again, as an issue was brought up re: readability with the brown color scheme. If the new-new layout is problematic for anyone, as I know white spaces can be, I suggest trying out f.lux, a program that changes harsher white/blue tones to warmer ones depending on the time of day. (It's really just a fantastic program in general for preventing eyestrain/migraines, etc etc infomercial testimony order in the next ten minutes.) Further issues can be brought up in the comments here or via PM. Thanks again~


That recent deletion.

I deleted it because it was going around in circles. I know it was the chatter post, but it was unnecessary drama and was stated on the second thread, Film Brain is a nice guy and was okay with it. I also know that the fourth wall being completely shattered freaks quite a few people out, but we shouldn't take their enjoyment of us for granted so much that if someone expresses a dislike we don't have meltdowns.

Chick sums up my feelings right about now.


On claiming.

I've been thinking about this for a few days now and I think I've come to a decision. Unless you're clarifying a prompt or making sure the person would want this, comments like "tentative claim" and "will have it up in a few days" aren't allowed anymore. They take space and we'll make the rule about multiple fills being encouraged more clear. I'm reluctant to delete those sort of comments that are already up on the meme, though, but if people think I should then I'll do it.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to rant at me in the comments.