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Jun. 26th, 2011 08:32 am (UTC)
This prompt doesn't exist? Really? REALLY? *disappoint*
Cinema Snob corrupting Oancitizen.

In any way you see fit. Films, sexytimes, the Voice, anything. I just need the two of them interacting like breathing. After all, Oan pretty much has the reviewing gig Snob wishes he had... he can't be too happy about that.
Feb. 4th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Making Things Right
"It's really nothing personal." The Cinema Snob said as he trailed a finger along his movie collection. "You seem like a decent guy, real classy. You dress nice. I like that." He pulled another dvd off of the shelf and added it the small pile his was starting. "It's just that there's been a terrible mistake, a mistake that I simply can't ignore any longer."

Oancitizen struggled in the chair he was tied up to. He tried to shout something but the gag in his mouth prevented him from speaking.

"I've always had this dream." Cinema Snob continued. "Someday I'd get to have a show where I'd review artsy and tasteful foreign films. Instead, I have to deal with shit like this." His lips curled into a snarl and he plucked another movie off of the shelf and held it in front of Oancitizen.

"Do you know what this is? It's fucking ET porn. ET PORN!! Let that sink in!"

Cinema Snob threw the movie down on the floor and turned back to his shelf. "Then I find out that the show that should rightfully be mine is in the hands of someone else. See, that's not something I can let slip." He added two more dvds to the pile.

"But we're going to fix that." he said continued calmly. "Like I said, it's nothing personal, and I promise you that everything will turn out fine."

Oancitizen made a few more muffled shouts which Cinema Snob ignored. He turned his tv on and started up one of the movies.

Oancitizen felt his eyelid start twitching as the horrendous quality footage began to play.

Cinemas Snob saw the reaction and chuckled. "Learn the term 'shot on shitteo'. It's a phrase that'll come up often."

He moved behind the other man and started to speak in a low tone in Oancitizen's ear.

"Just relax." he said smoothly. "Take everything in and just listen to my voice."

Oancitizen squirmed in the chair. To say the movie he was watching was trash would be putting it mildly. He wasn't even sure what he was seeing qualified as a movie. Yet there was this voice in his ear telling him that he liked it.

Oancitizen mentally cursed. He most certainly did not like this garbage. But the voice was persistent and the more he listened, the more he started to agree.

He was shown several movies over the course of the day, and Oancitizen wound up smiling more and more after each one. There was just something about the grotesque and poorly written movies that he found himself enjoying. The voice in his ear gave encouraging praise, assuring him that he had in fact always loved these types of films.

Yes. I've always liked this. I can't believe I ever forgot.

The voice, that amazing voice that sent little shivers through Oancitizen, reminded him that he had wanted to leave his show for a while.

Of course. I don't care too much for it anyway. All that stupid, pretentious nonsense is boring.

When Oancitizen was eventually untied, he thanked the Cinema Snob earnestly. It had been so nice of the Snob to share his collection with him. He really didn't know how to thank the man after such a pleasant day.

"Oh I can think of a little something." Cinema Snob said with a smile.

A week or so later, Cinema Snob posted a new video.

"Cinema Snob here with my new show Brows Held High. I'm sure some of you are wondering where your old host Oancitizen is." He grinned with obvious satisfaction before carrying on in a pleasant voice. "It turns out that he recently discovered his secret inner love for exploitation. I graciously offered to take over the show for him."

He held up a movie in front of the camera. "Today we'll be looking at a lovely subtitled, black and white film with exceedingly pretentious themes and obnoxiously layered symbolism." He closed his eyes and for a moment his expression was one of utter bliss.

"Let's get started."
Feb. 4th, 2012 03:47 am (UTC)
OP here
Oh wow, I didn't think this one would get filled!! But boy was it so much better than I imagined. Unf. Poor Oan, though, I'm really trying to feel bad for him. Trying... really hard to feel bad. It's a big effort.

Thanks so much, anon!
Feb. 27th, 2012 04:59 am (UTC)
Re: Making Things Right
*shivers and swoons* This was so wrong ... and so right ... and so wrong ... and so sexy ...

The Snob using his Voice for evil is just a deliciously terrifying idea ...


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