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Oct. 11th, 2011 12:29 pm (UTC)
Vacation time
''Stop staring at me!'' ''Stop staring at her!''
''Lupa, Chick if you don't stop you'll be both back in the trunk. I'm trying to fucking drive here!''
''But Critic Todd is staring at me!''
''How the hell can he stare at you he is on the roof... oh for gods sake... LINKARA! Tell Todd to stop pressing his face against the window he is creeping Lupa out. And me too.''
''I can't hold him! And I think we lost a suitcase!''
''If it's the purple one I'm going to...''
''No don't worry Rap Critic it was blue.''
''Blue?! What the... half of my porno collection was in there!''
''Why the hell do you take your porno collection on a goddamn vacation Snob?''
''Because it's a goddamn vacation!''
''I have to go the toilet Critic.''
''We stopped ten minutes ago!''
''But Critic...''
''NO! Now shut the hell up or you'll go back into the trunk!''
''We can't really put him into the trunk Critic.''
''Why not?''
''Luke's in there. And Paw. And Spoony.''
''And? Enough place for another one.''
''He'll just try struggling Luke again.''
''Oh right. Phelous was really pissed about that.''
''Considering that our British pansy here has problem keeping his Canadians apart I understand him.''
''Another suitcase! This one's green.'' ''Oh god all my picture of Todd were in there!''
''Black one!'' ''No! All my pictures of Lupa were in there!''
''Critic please I really have to go the toilet! And Lupa is kina heavy.... OHW I'm sorry I didn't mean it!''
''Lupa stop hitting Film Brain! Film Brain stop complaining about Lupa hitting you! Snob, please, please stop watching Caligula or at least use headphones. Rap Critc you ... continue not being a nuisance AND FOR GODS SAKE TODD GIVE LINKARA BACK HIS HAT... NO LINKARA PUT THAT GUN AWAY...!''
Oct. 11th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
Awwww anon, great format and I was smiling all the way through. Really liked kidlike-Film Brain. Great job!


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