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Oct. 25th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
Can I get some utterly broken Linkara please? I'd like to see him completely alone in the world, desperate and powerless against the Entity.

I'm cruel.
Nov. 1st, 2011 12:32 am (UTC)
Fill 1/1
(This is going to be irrelavant after the next episode of AT4W, but I couldn't help a quick fill. Sorry if it's not what you wanted.)

Echos had never sounded so....loud.

It was like the whole of the earth had been swallowed up, and left empty. Empty of everyone, even the Entity.

Empty save for Linkara.

The Entity had left him. He had collapsed back onto the green futon, staring at the door, waiting for the creature to return to fight him in battle, like his adversaries before had. Nothing came. No one came knocking at his door, and when the pre-battle stress ebbed away, it was replaced by an uneasy prickling at the back of his neck.

He marked the hours by the change of light in the room. It was night already, and no one was coming. It was so late, and no one was coming.

He laid on his futon, smiling. The Entity was gone. No one was coming after him.

No one was coming.

He woke up the next morning with a jolt, panic seizing his heart, forcing it to beat.

I should be getting ready to film my next review by now! He thought, and, throwing himself up and looking for his laptop. He had to write a script, and, what comic had he scheduled? Had he even posted his last one? Had he..

...remembered. No reason to review anymore...no reason...no one was watching..

Linkara's hands fell limp on his keyboard. The cursor left a trail of aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

..no one was coming.

That was the first day.

Forgetting during the night was the worst. A few times he stirred from sleep. Linkara would jumped up, as if shocked, wanting to call Iron Liz or Marzgurl, or even Spoony to rally up a defense. Memories would flood in, one at a time, filling him up with a coldness that he could only found himself rid of when he was bent double over a porcelain bowl, biting back sobs.

He would shower and cook and clean until the hot water stopped coming. And then he carried on until the water stopped, as well. When the heat had left, he pulled his old blankets from the attic and bundled himself up against the Minnesotan Winter, and read his comic books.

And then the electricity flickered once, twice, and was out.

Calming himself, Linkara had looked around for candles. He could have sworn he left them in the kitchen drawer...left them closet maybe?...dammit, he knew they were here...somewhere!

The former reviewer gave up and piled the blankets on himself, succumbing to sleep.

It was hard noticed at first, but after the hours had turned into days and the days dragged into weeks and the weeks into months, he came to understand. The silence was the loudest. It was deafening. It had drowned out the television. It had drowned out his music. It drowned out his thoughts.

It drowned out his wails.

In the end, Linkara figured The Entity understood irony. It was ingenious, really. After all of his boasting that he could save everyone, and now he was crushed under the weight of his own words.

Or maybe it was just coincidence, he didn't care about this shit anymore.. He couldn't care about much of anything anymore.


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